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Greater Seattle Aquarium Society: Library

The GSAS library has a new online destination. I hope that all our members take advantage of this amazing resource. The library has an astonishing number of gems available to you for free. So maximize your membership benefits and start reserving your books now!

Online Library Access

Amit Bapat, GSAS librarian

  1. Visit the GSAS library website (or browse the simple list below)
  2. Browse through our comprehensive collection. Send me feedback, suggestions, comments or critiques.
  3. If you would like to see new books added to the Books wanted list, send me the amazon link and why would you like to add it to the list.
  4. Members wanting to place holds on books (online and by themselves) will only be able to do so with a username and password. Request one by emailing me OFFLIST (amit dot s dot bapat at gmail dot com ):
    1. your membership id
    2. membership expiration date
    3. first and last name
    4. phone number
    5. email address
    6. status: Board or Member
  5. All new books are open to members to checkout. You need to have a username and password in order to reserve online.
  6. New Inventory will be announced via airstone as and when available.

Updated Library Rules

The GSAS library cart

  1. Book/Magazine checkouts will be done on a first-come-first serve basis. Online holds takes precedence over in-person holds.
  2. Members without internet access requesting to place holds on checkout books can meet in person during meetings. I will assist them in placing the hold online.
  3. New books/magazines have a checkout time of 7 days only. Members can checkout a maximum of 2 new books/magazines per session. (subject to change)
  4. If new books/magazines are collected on a meeting day then drop off will be at 158 - 22nd Avenue, Seattle WA 98122. If new books are collected on a non-meeting day, pickup and drop off will be at 158 - 22nd Avenue, 98122. An email for pickup confirmation will be sent by me to the member prior to pickup date. During checkout please have your membership id ready. (subject to change)
  5. All other books and magazines have a checkout time of 30 days. Members can checkout a maximum no. of 5 books/magazines per session. During checkout please have your membership id ready. (subject to change)
  6. The library is open for holds 24x7. Members, without internet access can place holds and checkout books in-person during meetings. The library chair will assist the members with their respective tasks.
  7. In case of an online hold, and a no show for a meeting day, the book will be reserved for the first 30 mins and then be opened for checkouts to other present members. No exceptions.

Please feel free to shoot me any questions. Happy reading~

Amit Bapat, GSAS Librarian

Partial Library Inventory List

Here is a relatively-recent list of books, magazines and videos in our library:
17th Annual Koi Show
Amazonas-Freshwater & Tropical Discovery
American Currents
Aquarium Bible No. 2: Garden Aquarium:
Aquarium Fish International
Back To Nature: Dick Au: Guide to Discus
Buntbarsche Bulletin- The Journal of the American Cichlid Association
Buntbarsche Bulletin- The journal of the American Cichlid Association
GSAS Lecture Archive Volume 10: 2010 Remaster
GSAS Lecture Archive Volume 11: 2010 Remaster
GSAS Lecture Archive Volume 12: 2011
GSAS Lecture Archive Volume 13: 2011-2012
GSAS Lecture Archive Volume 1: 1996-1998
GSAS Lecture Archive Volume 2: 1998-2000
GSAS Lecture Archive Volume 3: 1997-2001
GSAS Lecture Archive Volume 4: 2000-2001
GSAS Lecture Archive Volume 5: 2002-2003
GSAS Lecture Archive Volume 6: 2002-2004
GSAS Lecture Archive Volume 7: 2005-2006
GSAS Lecture Archive Volume 8: 2010 Remaster
GSAS Lecture Archive Volume 9: 2010 Remaster
Iwagumi 3: 2009 Concept Book (Minimalist Aquarium Movement)
Journal of the Aquatic Gardeners Association, Inc
Reef Life: Dedicated to the Natural History and Care of Marine Organisms
Simon and Schuster's complete guide to freshwater and marine aquarium fishes
The Discus: King of the Aquarium
Tropical Fish Hobbyist
Tropical Fish: The Rising Generation: Breeding tropical fish the natural way
Ad KoningsBack to Nature: Malawi Cichlids (Revised & Expanded Edition)
Ad KoningsTanganyika Cichlids:
Allen, Gerald R.Damselfishes of the world
Andreas SpreinatLake Malawi Cichlids from Tanzania:
Andrews, Chris.A fishkeeper's guide to fish breeding: comprehensive advice on breeding and rearing a wide selection of popular aquarium fishes
Andrews, ChrisHobbyist guide to the natural aquarium
Art HayleyBaby discus: With an emphasis on artificial feeding
Axelrod, Herbert R., Dr.Koi Varieties: Japanese colored carp-nishikigoi.
Axelrod, Herbert R.Goldfish & Koi in your home
Axelrod, Herbert R.Swordtails and platies
Barlow, George W.The cichlid fishes: nature's grand experiment in evolution
Bernd DegenDiscus (AquaGuide): How to look after these majestic and fascinating fish
Blasiola, George C.Koi: everything about selection, care, nutrition, diseases, breeding, pond design and maintenance, and popular aquatic plants
Burgess, Warren.An atlas of freshwater and marine catfishes: a preliminary survey of the Siluriformes
Burgess, Warren.Corals
Burgess, Warren.Dr. Burgess's atlas of marine aquarium fishes
Campbell, Gail.Salt-water tropical fish in your home
Carrington, Neville.A fishkeeper's guide to maintaining a healthy aquarium: essential advice on all aspects of aquarium care
Christian, Matthew.Aquarium style: imaginative ideas for creating dream homes for fish
D'Amato, Peter.The savage garden : cultivating carnivorous plants
David E. BoruchowitzStarting Your Marine Aquarium:
Dawes, JohnLivebearing fishes: a guide to their aquarium care, biology and classification
De Vosjoli, Philippe.Care and breeding of popular tree frogs
Degen, Bernd.Discus, how to breed them
Degen, Bernd.Discus: a reference book
Dick Au, Sun See Seng, Francesco DenittoTrophy Discus: The art of selecting, grooming, and showing discus.
Dr. David Pool, Dr. Paul V. LoiselleHobbyist Guide to Catfish and Loaches:
Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod, Dr. Warren E. BurgessAfrican Cichlids of Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika:
Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod, Susan R. ShawBreeding Aquarium Fishes:
Dr. Seuss, Theodor Seuss GeiselOne Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish : (I Can Read It All by Myself)
Dr. Warren E. BurgessCorydoras and related catifish: A complete introduction
Dr. William T. InnesExotic Aquarium Fishes, 19th Edition Revised: The Innes Book
Elson, Gary.The barbs aquarium: everything about natural history, purchase, health, care, breeding, and species identification
Ferraris, Carl.Catfish in the aquarium: an introduction to catfish keeping and the diversity of catfish forms and behavior
Fryer, Geoffrey.The cichlid fishes of the great lakes of Africa: their biology and evolution
George Frangopulo Hervey, Jack HemsThe Goldfish:
Gerald R. AllenThe Anemonefishes: Their Classification and Biology:
Geran, James.The proper care of goldfish
Gerhard BrunnerAquarium Plants:
Gian PadovaniThe Catfish:
Hans A. BaenschCichlid Atlas: Vol. 1 Dwarf Cihclids of South America
Hans J. Maryland, Dieter BorkSouth American Dwarf Cichlids: Apistogramma, Crenicara, Microgeophagus
Harro HieronimusAqualog Special - Breathtaking Rainbows:
Haywood, Martyn.The manual of Marine invertebrates
Hellner, Steffen.Killifish: egg-laying tooth-carps : purchase, care, feeding, diseases, behavior : special chapter, breeding killifish
Hemdal, Jay F.Aquarium fish breeding: Jay F. Hemdal ; drawings by Michele Earle-Bridges and the author.
Herbert R. AxelrodBreeding Aquarium Fishes, Book 6:
Horst Linke and Wolfgang StaeckAfrican Cichlids I - Cichlids of West Africa: A Handbook for their Identification, Maintenance and Breeding
Horst Linke, Dr. Wolfgang StaeckAfrican Cichlids I: Cichlids from West Africa: A Handbook for their Identification, Care, and Breeding
Jack WattleyHandbook of discus
James, Barry.A fishkeeper's guide to aquarium plants
Jim AtchinsonFood Cultures for Dummies: Instructions for Culturing Live Moods
Kasselmann, Christel.Aquarium plants
Kasselmann, Christel.Planted aquariums : creation and maintenance
Kjell Fohrman, Ad KoningsBack to Nature: Aquariumguide:
Levine, Joseph S.The complete fishkeeper: everything aquarium fishes need to stay happy, healthy, and alive
Li, ZhenChinese goldfish
Linke, Horst.American cichlids: a handbook for their identification, care, and breeding
Loiselle, Paul V.The Cichlid aquarium
Loiselle, Paul V.The cichlid aquarium
Lowenfels, Jeff.Teaming with microbes : the organic gardener's guide to the soil food web
Matsui, Yoshiichi.Goldfish guide
Matsui, YoshiichiGoldfish guide
Maurus, Walt.A complete introduction to bettas
McLarney, William O.The freshwater aquaculture book: a handbook for small scale fish culture in North America
Mills, Dick.A fishkeeper's guide to the tropical aquarium: a superbly illustrated practical guide to all aspects of setting up a freshwater tropical aquarium
Mills, Dick.Guide To Marine Fishes
Mills, Dick.You & your aquarium
Moe, Martin A.Lobsters: Florida, Bahamas, the Caribbean
Moe, Martin A.The marine aquarium handbook: beginner to breeder
Moe, Martin A.The marine aquarium reference: systems and invertebrates
Myers, George SpragueThe piranha book: an account of the ill-famed piranha fishes of the rivers of tropical South America.
Oliver LucanusThe Amazon below water:
Ostrow, Marshall E.Goldfish: everything about aquariums, varieties, care, nutrition, diseases, diseases, and more
Ostrow, Marshall.Goldfish: everything about aquariums, varieties, care, nutrition, diseases, and breeding
Peter WaddingtonKoi Kichi :
Philip ShaddockGuppy Color Strains:
Philip ShaddockThe Theory and Practice of Guppy Breeding:
Pénzes, Bethen.Goldfish and ornamental carp
R.F.O" ConnellThe Freshwater Aquarium: The complete tropical fishkeeping guide
Rataj, Karel and Thomas J. Horeman.Aquarium plants: their identification, cultivation and ecology
Richter, Hans-Joachim.Complete book of dwarf cichlids
Riehl, Rüdiger.Aquarium atlas
Robert J. Goldstein, Ph.DCichlids:
Roberts, Joseph.Goldfish
Sandford, Gina., Richard Crow.The manual of tank busters
Sandford, Gina.Aquarium Owner's Manual
Sands, David.A Fishkeeper's Guide to African & Asian Catfishes: A Detailed Exploration of These Intriguing and Highly Collectable Fishes, Featuring 50 Species
Sands, David.A fishkeeper's guide to Central Ameican cichlids: a detailed survey of this colourful and challenging group of freshwater tropical fishes
Satoshi Yoshino, Doshin Kobayashi.The natural aquarium: how to imitate nature in your home
Scheurmann, InesAquarium plants manual: expert advice on selection, planting, care, and propagation
Scott, Peter W.A Fishkeeper's guide to Livebearing fishes
Skomal, Gregory.Clownfishes in the aquarium
Stadelmann, Peter.Adventure aquarium: creating and observing
Sterba, GüntherDr. Sterba's aquarium handbook
Takashi AmanoNature Aquarium World Book 2: Learn how to make your aquarium a work of art and a part of your home. The world's most beautiful small-to-medium-size aquariums are illustrated inside in full color and enhanced with Foto-Glaze.
Takashi AmanoNature Aquarium World Book 3: Learn how to make your aquarium a work of art and a part of your home. The world'd most beautiful medium-to-large-size aquariums are illustrated inside in full color and enhanced with Foto-Glaze:
Thiel, Albert J.Small reef aquarium basics: the optimum aquarium for the reef hobbyist
Tom BaughA Net Full of Natives: some north american fishes
U. Erich FrieseSea Anemones...As a Hobby : Everything you need to know to get started
U. Erich FrieseSea Anemones:
Untergasser, Dieter.Discus health: selection, care, diet, diseases & treatments for discus, angelfish, and other cichlids
Untergasser, Dieter.Handbook of fish diseases
Vevers, GwynneThe pocket guide to aquarium fishes
Vierke, Jörg.Dwarf cichlids
Vierke, Jörge.Vierke's aquarium book: the way the Germans do it
Walstad, Diana L.Ecology of the planted aquarium: a practical manual and scientific treatise for the home aquarist
Wattley, Jack.Discus for the perfectionist
Wickham, Mike.The complete idiot's guide to freshwater aquariums
Wildekamp, Rudolf H.A world of killies: atlas of the oviparous cyprinodontiform fishes of the world
William T. InnesEXOTIC AQUARIUM FISHES : A Work of General reference
Wischnath, Lothar.Atlas of livebearers of the world
Zimmermann, Elke.Reptiles and amphibians: care, behavior, reproduction
Zupanc, Günther K. H.Fish and their behavior: how fishes live, specially written for aquarists
Zurlo, Georg.Cichlids: everything about purchase, care, nutrition, reproduction, and behavior