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Greater Seattle Aquarium Society

Streamable Video Frequently Asked Questions

We get occasional questions from folks who are having trouble playing our archive of old presentations. This document attempts to answer some of them

Not all talks are streamable
Some of our speakers are, for various reasons, not comfortable with having their talk out there on the net, and we respect their wishes. Most of these talks are available from the club library on DVD or Blu-Ray, and can be checked out at one of our monthly meetings.
Most talks are streamable only by paid-up members. If you are not logged in, you can view information about the talk, but instead of the video window, you will be directed to log in.
What happened to the BitTorrent Downloads?
Due to the incredible popularity of the high-def streaming versions, interest in the BitTorrent downloads dropped to almost zero. Maintenance of the tracker and seeder, as well as four different rendering formats, was getting difficult, so we dropped the feature. Downloadable .mp4 videos are still available on request, or we can copy them onto a memory stick for you. E-mail us if interested.
We realize that streaming doesn’t work for everyone. So we offer tons of alternatives.
  1. Bring a memory stick or USB hard drive to one of the meetings and someone can copy any of the downloadable talks for you.
  2. Check the DVD or Blu-Ray out of our library at the next meeting. There are actually quite a few talks in the library not available for download.
  3. Watch it live at the meetings! Always the best way...