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GSAS Talk Archive and Videos

Here is an index of all known recorded meeting presentations available to our members. They are available in four formats: DVDs, high-def Blu-Ray, online streaming, and downloadable .mp4 files.

Ad Konings speaking on Lake Tanganyika sand dwellers, May 2010 (above). Steev Ward speaks on fish diseases, September 2009 (right)

DVD and Blu-Ray disks can be checked out from our library at most monthly meetings, and should be playable on most computers or modern DVD players. For ease of location, you can find the DVD Volume by clicking on the talk or hovering over the disk icon in this index.

Most recent talks are also available as .mp4 files for download here via the BitTorrent protocol and other means. Downloads are generally members-only. Still confused? Read our Downloadable Video/BitTorrent FAQ.

A few talks can be streamed directly online. We are adding new talks almost weekly to our streaming library, as we obtain permission and upload bandwidth. Most presentations are only viewable by members, but there are a small set that are freely-viewable.

We are able to make these talks available to our members due to the generousity of the speakers, and also because of the club’s good reputation: you as members have been excellent at respecting the rules. Please don’t copy the DVDs, and please don’t share the downloadable files or .torrent links. This will insure that future talks will be able to join this library.

Is the list below too daunting? Click on one of the subject tags or media types below to filter it down to something reasonable.

YearAuthorTitleMedia Availabilitysubject tags
2014Gary LangeKeeping and Breeding RainbowfishRainbowfish, Australia/Papua, Breeding
2014Gary LangeExtraordinary RainbowfishRainbowfish, Australia/Papua, Collecting
2014Kat HentschNative Fish of the MidwestUS, Collecting
2014Kat HentschThe Genus AponogetonPlants, Plant Husbandry
2013Mike WiseKeeping and Breeding Apistogramma for Fun...and Profit?Cichlids, South America, Breeding
2013Mike WiseNo Apistos!Cichlids, South America
2013Mike Wise21st Century ApistosCichlids, South America
2013Mike WiseMike and Tom's Excellent AdventureCichlids, South America, Collecting
2013Ian FullerCorydoradinae CatfishCatfish, South America, Breeding
2013Ian FullerIdentifying Corydoradinae CatfishCatfish
2013Lighting WorkshopWorkshop, Lighting
2013Greg SageLivebearersLivebearers, Breeding
2013Greg SageSelective BreedingBreeding
2013Ted JudyRaising FryBreeding
2013Ted JudyPelvicachromisCichlids, Africa, Breeding
20132013 Home ShowHome Show
2013Lawrence KentCichlids of East Africa - Beyond the Big LakesCichlids, Africa, Collecting
2012Waylon PonFreshwater Shrimp for DummiesShrimp, Breeding
2012Christel KasselmannNew and Unusual Aquarium PlantsPlants, Collecting, Plant Husbandry
2014Labbish Chao (Dr.)Experiences in the AmazonSouth America, Conservation
2012Matt KaufmanKeeping and Enjoying KillifishKillifish, Breeding
20122012 Home ShowHome Show
2012Alex LeeRaising and Releasing SalmonUS, Conservation, Breeding
2012Dick AuRaising Fish for Fun and ProfitBreeding
2012Dick AuAngelfish BreedingCichlids, Breeding
2012Alan FertunaFancy GoldfishGoldfish
2011Chuck RamboRare and Unusual Dwarf CichlidsCichlids
2011Chuck RamboIntroduction to Carnivorous PlantsPlants
2011Chuck RamboLake Victoria and its CichlidsCichlids, Africa, Collecting, Conservation
2011Oliver LucanusThe Rio Tapajós and the Rio XingúSouth America, Collecting, Conservation, History
2011Karen RandallFun with Nano TanksPlants, Aquascaping
2011Karen RandallTaiwanPlants, Asia, Collecting
2011Live Food ExtravaganzaWorkshop, Food
2011Gary LangeRainbowfish HeavenRainbowfish, Collecting
2011Gary LangeThird Time's a CharmRainbowfish, Collecting
20112011 Home ShowHome Show
2011Jen ReynoldsAquatic Conservation in BrazilSouth America, Conservation
2010Barbie FiorentinoSpawning Loricariiidae CatfishCatfish, Breeding
2010Dick AuDiscus BasicsCichlids, Breeding
2010Tom BarrThe Light-Limited Planted AquariumPlants, Plant Husbandry, Lighting
2010Karen RandallModern AquascapingPlants, Plant Husbandry, Aquascaping
2010Karen RandallThailandPlants, Collecting
2010Ad KoningsLake Tanganyika Sand SiftersCichlids, Africa, Collecting, Conservation
20102010 Home ShowHome Show
2010Jen ReynoldsJourney to Lake TanganyikaCichlids, Africa, Collecting
2009Shango LosFreshwater ShrimpShrimp, Breeding
2009Paul WallacePlanted TanksPlants, Plant Husbandry, Lighting
2009Steev WardIdentifying Fish DiseaseHealth
20092009 Home Show PresentationHome Show
2009Tom MurdochAdopt-a-StreamUS, Conservation
2009Lawrence KentTravels around AfricaCichlids, Africa, Collecting
2009Ghazanfar GhoriCryptocorynePlants, Asia, Plant Husbandry
2008Phil Lacefield, Jr.Saltwater for DummiesSaltwater
2008Steev WardThree Common Fish DiseasesHealth
2008Steve LundbladTravelling to Lake MalawiCichlids, Africa, Collecting
2008Luis NavarroAquascapingPlants, Aquascaping
2006Mike HellwegAnabantoidsAnabantoids, Asia, Breeding
2006John LyonsTravelling to Mexico and LivebearersLivebearers, Mexico, Collecting, Breeding
2006Klaus KallmanTravelling to Mexico and LivebearersLivebearers, Mexico, Collecting, Conservation
2005Tom WatsonAmerican Native FishUS
2004Jim AtchisonLive Food CultureFood
20042004 Home Show VideoHome Show
2004Yohan FernandoWild BettasAnabantoids
2003Ad KoningsLake Tanganyika CichlidsCichlids, Africa, Collecting, Conservation
2003Ad KoningsLake Malawi Cichlid ResearchCichlids, Africa
2002Karen RandallSunken GardensPlants, Plant Husbandry, Aquascaping
2002Randy CareyCharacinsBreeding, Characins
2002Gary LangeRainbowfishRainbowfish, Australia/Papua, Collecting, Breeding
2002Beverly Dixon (Dr.)Fish Stress and HealthHealth
2001Peter Lewis (Dr.)Lake Tanganyika Shell DwellersCichlids, Africa
2001Dorothy ReimerAquatic Plants My WayPlants, Plant Husbandry
2001Dick AuDiscusCichlids, South America, Breeding
2000Eric HannemanCollecting in MexicoCichlids, Livebearers, Mexico, Collecting
2000Wayne LeibelA History of the Aquarium HobbyHistory
2000Lee NewmanSatanopercaCichlids, South America, Breeding
2000Dave SanfordKillifish BasicsKillifish, Breeding
2000Kathy and Erik OlsonAn Eight Day Amazon AdventureCichlids, Catfish, South America, Collecting, Characins
1998Karen RandallAquatic PlantsPlants, Plant Husbandry
1998Lee FinleyCorydorus and Loricarid CatfishCatfish, Breeding
1998Dan LoganPacific Northwest Native FishUS, Collecting
1998Heather CandelariaFancy GoldfishGoldfish
1997David SoaresDwarf CichlidsCichlids, Breeding
1996Zadnik, KurtDwarf CichlidsCichlids, Breeding