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Greater Seattle Aquarium Society

May 11: Dick Au (Trophy Discus)

Posted on Wed, 24 Apr 2024 by Mark

Saturday, May 11th, 1:00 PM (noon Social/Setup)
Dick Au: “Keeping Trophy Discus”
SPU, Otto Miller Hall Room 109
Also: Informal potluck Friday May 10th 5:30~9 PM in North Seattle

Dick Au is a very experienced, hands-on, aquarium hobbyist. Having spent decades in the hobby, he is a master breeder and has bred more than several hundred varieties of aquarium fish. He is a life member of the San Francisco Aquarium Society, an author, show judge and lecturer. His lectures are always entertaining and invariably generate “Aha!” moments as he shares the results of his detective work revealing secrets in keeping and breeding your favorite aquarium gems. He has given lectures at many aquarium societies and conventions across the globe, including the American Cichlid Association, Aquarama in Singapore, and most recently, Sacramento Aquarium Society's “Findig”.

Dick's fascination with Discus began as a child living close to several ornamental fish farms in Hong Kong, China. Every day, after school, he would spend hours at a nearby farm watching a pair of brown discus nursing fry under a huge Amazon sword plan. He was so mesmerized that he had never been without Discus, all through college, raising a family and a career in the computer software industry. During the past 60 years, he witnessed and participated in the evolution of the discus hobby from when discus was only available in brown color all the way to today when they are available in all the colors of the rainbow. Dick has written frequently for various publications. He authored two books on discus – The back-to-nature Guide to Discus, and Trophy Discus – the art of selecting, grooming, and showing Discus.

Following the meeting, our Monthly Auction (sellers, pre-register your stuff here).

Members, join us the evening before the talk for a backyard potluck gathering in North Seattle. This is an opportunity to just hang out with our speaker and other GSAS members informally! RSVP to Mark at for directions and what to bring.

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