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Greater Seattle Aquarium Society

Talk Archive and Videos

Here is an index of all known recorded meeting presentations available to our members. They are available in four formats: DVDs, high-def Blu-Ray, online streaming, and (by request) downloadable .mp4 files.

Ad Konings speaking on Lake Tanganyika sand dwellers, May 2010 (above). Steev Ward speaks on fish diseases, September 2009 (right)

DVD and Blu-Ray disks can be checked out from our library at most monthly meetings, and should be playable on most computers or modern DVD players. For ease of location, you can find the DVD Volume by clicking on the talk or hovering over the disk icon in this index.

Most everything since 2008 (and a few older ones) can be streamed directly online.

While most talks are only available to members, a small subset are freely viewable by the public.

Most talks from 2008-2015 are also available as smaller standard-def .mp4 files by request only.

Still confused? Read our Downloadable Video FAQ.

We are able to make these talks available to our members due to the generousity of the speakers, and also because of the club’s good reputation: you as members have been excellent at respecting the rules. Please don’t copy the DVDs, and please don’t share the downloadable files or .torrent links. This will insure that future talks will be able to join this library.

Is the list below too daunting? Click on one of the subject tags or media types below to filter it down to something reasonable.

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YearAuthorTitlesubject tags
2018Gary Lange Falling in Love with Blue Eyes Rainbowfish, Australia/Papua, Collecting, Breeding
2018Ad Konings Speciation in Malawi Cichlids Cichlids, Africa, History
2018Lots of Members My Favorite...Whatever Cichlids, Rainbowfish, Plants, Breeding, Plant Husbandry, Workshop
2018Lawrence Kent How a Cichlid Guy Got Into Labyrinths Anabantoids, Asia, Collecting, Conservation, Breeding
2018Dean Tweeddale The Amazon: Fish Collecting Experience in Peru Cichlids, Catfish, South America, Collecting, Conservation
2017Scott Fellman Out of the Darkness: Blackwater/Botanical-style Aquariums South America, Africa, Asia, Health, Aquascaping
2017Cory McElroy Freshwater Puffers
2017Rachel O'Leary Nano Aquaria - The Ins, Outs and In-Betweens Livebearers, Shrimp, Anabantoids, Characins
2017Rachel O'Leary Freshwater Invertebrate Primer Shrimp, Breeding, Health
2017Bart Laurens Dutch Aquascaping Plants, History, Plant Husbandry, Aquascaping, Lighting
2017Ghazanfar Ghori Bucephalandra (AGA) Plants, Asia, Conservation, Plant Husbandry
2017Luca Galarraga Live Aquascaping Demo (AGA) Plants, Aquascaping, Workshop
2017 2017 Home Show Cichlids, Rainbowfish, Catfish, Livebearers, Plants, Shrimp, Anabantoids, Breeding, Plant Husbandry, Aquascaping, Home Show, Characins
2017Tom Barr Aquatic Horticulture Plants, US, Collecting, Plant Husbandry, Aquascaping
2017Lots of Members My Favorite Fish (Micro-Talks) Cichlids, Livebearers, Killifish, Anabantoids, Mexico, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia/Papua, Collecting, Breeding, Workshop
2016Mark Duffill Loaches Asia, Conservation, Breeding
2016Mark Duffill Top Ten Loach Questions Asia
2016Jay and Carol Geiler Beyond the Can of Flakes II Breeding, Health, Food
2016Dr. Paul Loiselle Madagascar Cichlids, Rainbowfish, Africa, Collecting, Conservation, History
2016Dr. Paul Loiselle Good Things in Small Packages Cichlids, Rainbowfish, Catfish, Livebearers, Killifish, Anabantoids, Characins
2016Dr. Paul Loiselle Dynamic Danios, Resplendent Rasboras Asia
2016 2016 Home Show Cichlids, Rainbowfish, Catfish, Livebearers, Plants, Shrimp, Anabantoids, Plant Husbandry, Aquascaping, Home Show
2016Barbie Fiorentino Spawning Loriicaridae Catfish, South America, Conservation, Breeding, Food
2016Albert So Secret Diary of a Fish Addict: Fish Romance Cichlids, Catfish, Anabantoids, Breeding, Food, Characins
2016Gianne Souza The Excellent Adventures of Breeding Show Bettas Anabantoids, Breeding
2016Gianne Souza The Wonderful World of Bettas Anabantoids, History
2015Cara Wade Fact and Fiction in Aquarium Lighting Plants, Plant Husbandry, Lighting
2015Cara Wade Lighting Across the Hobby Plants, Plant Husbandry, Lighting
2015Steev Ward A Microscopic View of Aquarium Life Shrimp, Health, Food
2015Cory McElroy Mini Ponds US, Collecting, Conservation
2015Kris Weinhold Tips and Tricks (Plants) Plants, US, Collecting, Plant Husbandry, Aquascaping
2015Kris Weinhold Planted Aquariums - The Basics Plants, Plant Husbandry, Aquascaping, Lighting
2015 2015 Home Show Aquascaping, Home Show
2015Jennifer O. Reynolds Freshwater Stingrays Livebearers, South America, Collecting, Breeding
2015Jay and Carol Geiler Beyond the Can of Flakes Food
2014Klaus Steinhaus The C.A.R.E.S. Program Conservation, History
2014Klaus Steinhaus Tropheus: Are They Really That Scary? Cichlids, Africa, Breeding, Health
2014Juan Miguel Artigas Azas Cichlids of Mexico Cichlids, Mexico, Collecting, Breeding
2014Juan Miguel Artigas Azas Goodeids Livebearers, Mexico, Collecting, Breeding
2014 2014 Home Show Home Show
2014Rusty Wessel Fishes of the Maya Cichlids, Livebearers, Mexico, Central America, Collecting, Conservation
2014Gary Lange Keeping and Breeding Rainbowfish Rainbowfish, Australia/Papua, Breeding
2014Gary Lange Extraordinary Rainbowfish Rainbowfish, Australia/Papua, Collecting
2014Kat Hentsch Native Fish of the Midwest US, Collecting
2014Kat Hentsch The Genus Aponogeton Plants, Plant Husbandry
2013Mike Wise Keeping and Breeding Apistogramma for Fun...and Profit? Cichlids, South America, Breeding
2013Mike Wise No Apistos! Cichlids, South America
2013Mike Wise 21st Century Apistos Cichlids, South America
2013Mike Wise Mike and Tom's Excellent Adventure Cichlids, South America, Collecting
2013Ian Fuller Corydoradinae Catfish Catfish, South America, Breeding
2013Ian Fuller Identifying Corydoradinae Catfish Catfish
2013 Lighting Workshop Workshop, Lighting
2013Greg Sage Livebearers Livebearers, Breeding
2013Greg Sage Selective Breeding Breeding
2013Ted Judy Raising Fry Breeding
2013Ted Judy Pelvicachromis Cichlids, Africa, Breeding
2013 2013 Home Show Home Show
2013Lawrence Kent Cichlids of East Africa - Beyond the Big Lakes Cichlids, Africa, Collecting
2012Waylon Pon Freshwater Shrimp for Dummies Shrimp, Breeding
2012Christel Kasselmann New and Unusual Aquarium Plants Plants, Collecting, Plant Husbandry
2012Labbish Chao (Dr.) Experiences in the Amazon South America, Conservation
2012Matt Kaufman Keeping and Enjoying Killifish Killifish, Breeding
2012 2012 Home Show Home Show
2012Alex Lee Raising and Releasing Salmon US, Conservation, Breeding
2012Dick Au Raising Fish for Fun and Profit Breeding
2012Dick Au Angelfish Breeding Cichlids, Breeding
2012Alan Fertuna Fancy Goldfish Goldfish
2011Chuck Rambo Rare and Unusual Dwarf Cichlids Cichlids
2011Chuck Rambo Introduction to Carnivorous Plants Plants
2011Chuck Rambo Lake Victoria and its Cichlids Cichlids, Africa, Collecting, Conservation
2011Oliver Lucanus The Rio Tapajós and the Rio Xingú South America, Collecting, Conservation, History
2011Karen Randall Fun with Nano Tanks Plants, Aquascaping
2011Karen Randall Taiwan Plants, Asia, Collecting
2011 Live Food Extravaganza Workshop, Food
2011Gary Lange Rainbowfish Heaven Rainbowfish, Collecting
2011Gary Lange Third Time's a Charm Rainbowfish, Collecting
2011 2011 Home Show Home Show
2011Jen Reynolds Aquatic Conservation in Brazil South America, Conservation
2010Barbie Fiorentino Spawning Loricariiidae Catfish Catfish, Breeding
2010Dick Au Discus Basics Cichlids, Breeding
2010Tom Barr The Light-Limited Planted Aquarium Plants, Plant Husbandry, Lighting
2010Karen Randall Modern Aquascaping Plants, Plant Husbandry, Aquascaping
2010Karen Randall Thailand Plants, Collecting
2010Ad Konings Lake Tanganyika Sand Sifters Cichlids, Africa, Collecting, Conservation
2010 2010 Home Show Home Show
2010Jen Reynolds Journey to Lake Tanganyika Cichlids, Africa, Collecting
2009Shango Los Freshwater Shrimp Shrimp, Breeding
2009Paul Wallace Planted Tanks Plants, Plant Husbandry, Lighting
2009Steev Ward Identifying Fish Disease Health
2009 2009 Home Show Presentation Home Show
2009Tom Murdoch Adopt-a-Stream US, Conservation
2009Lawrence Kent Travels around Africa Cichlids, Africa, Collecting
2009Ghazanfar Ghori Cryptocoryne Plants, Asia, Plant Husbandry
2008Phil Lacefield, Jr. Saltwater for Dummies Saltwater
2008Steev Ward Three Common Fish Diseases Health
2008Steve Lundblad Travelling to Lake Malawi Cichlids, Africa, Collecting
2008Luis Navarro Aquascaping Plants, Aquascaping
2006Mike Hellweg Anabantoids Anabantoids, Asia, Breeding
2006John Lyons Travelling to Mexico and Livebearers Livebearers, Mexico, Collecting, Conservation, Breeding
2006Klaus Kallman Travelling to Mexico and Livebearers Livebearers, Mexico, Collecting, Conservation
2005Tom Watson American Native Fish US
2004Jim Atchison Live Food Culture Food
2004 2004 Home Show Video Home Show
2004Yohan Fernando Wild Bettas Anabantoids
2003Ad Konings Lake Malawi Cichlid Research Cichlids, Africa
2003Ad Konings Tanganyika Safari 2002 Cichlids, Africa, Collecting, Conservation
2002Karen Randall Sunken Gardens Plants, Plant Husbandry, Aquascaping
2002Randy Carey The Art of Characins Breeding, Characins
2002Gary Lange Rainbowfish Rainbowfish, Australia/Papua, Collecting, Breeding
2002Beverly Dixon (Dr.) Fish Stress and Health Health
2001Peter Lewis (Dr.) Lake Tanganyika Shell Dwellers Cichlids, Africa
2001Dorothy Reimer Aquatic Plants My Way Plants, Plant Husbandry
2001Dick Au Discus Cichlids, South America, Breeding
2000Eric Hanneman Collecting in Mexico Cichlids, Livebearers, Mexico, Collecting
2000Wayne Leibel A History of the Aquarium Hobby History
2000Lee Newman Satanoperca Cichlids, South America, Breeding
2000Dave Sanford Killifish Basics Killifish, Breeding
2000Kathy and Erik Olson An Eight Day Amazon Adventure Cichlids, Catfish, South America, Collecting, Characins
1998Karen Randall Aquatic Plants Plants, Plant Husbandry
1998Lee Finley Corydorus and Loricarid Catfish Catfish, Breeding
1998Dan Logan Pacific Northwest Native Fish US, Collecting
1998Heather Candelaria Fancy Goldfish Goldfish
1997David Soares Dwarf Cichlids Cichlids, Breeding
1996Zadnik, Kurt Dwarf Cichlids Cichlids, Breeding