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Greater Seattle Aquarium Society

Contests and Award Programs

GSAS holds a number of interesting competitions and award programs, some ongoing, some once a year, some maybe only once!

Spawn fish, such as this Neolamprologus brevis, earn points!

Breeders Award Program

If you breed fish, look into our Breeders Award Program (BAP). Breed fish, earn points! Certificates, ribbons, plaques, even the occasional spherical aquarium... all have been awarded to folks in the BAP program.

Members submit/update your reports onlineview entire GSAS approved BAP

Conservation Award Program

CAP is a program to maintain at-risk species of fish in order that they be preserved for future generations.

Members submit/update your reports onlineview entire club's reports

Propagate or flower plants, such as this Barclaya longifolia, earn points!

Horticulture Award Program

If you are a plant enthusiast, check out our Horticulture Award Program (HAP). It’s kind of like BAP for propagate plants and earn points and ultimately, awards.

Members submit/update your reports onlineview entire GSAS approved HAP

Active participants can also guess the Mystery Plant of the Month to win a specimen!

Home Show

A posse of judges, photographers and videographers come to your house and look at your aquariums and fish. Nearly dormant for over ten years, this program was revived in 2008 and has been a resounding success.

The Home Show has its own page where you can view photos from past years.

Monthly Photo Contest

New for 2023: Submit a photo, win a gift certificate or a T-shirt!

Other Contests

White cloud mountain minnows, a popular Fish Breeding contest species.

In the past, we have featured a number of small contests throughout the year. Some years we run some, some years we run others. If you are interested in a particular contest, ask a board member. Oftentimes all it takes is one person to chair a contest to make it thrive!

Fish Breeding
Easy fish, such as livebearers, are given at a meeting; the most number of spawn returned at a later meeting wins.
Plant Growing
Plants are distributed at a meeting. The most bulk, or best looking plant returned wins.
The most interesting topical article or anecdote submitted to the newsletter. (Here is an example.)