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Greater Seattle Aquarium Society

Home Show Archive

The Home Show offers a chance to show off your fish, your aquascapes, and your home. Each year, a team of photographers, videographers, and judges caravans all over the Puget Sound area, invades each participant’s house for an hour, and awards prizes.

2024 Home Show registration is now open! Members, register to be a participant or judge below:


11 homes, crew of 4


11 homes, full crew

Lawrence Kent and friend with a very large aquarium


9 homes, skeleton crew

Ryan Reamy’s beautiful rainbowfish...


8 homes, self-shot due to quarantine

One natural disaster after another...


10 homes!

Jake Pedersen - discus


11 homes!

Carl Dinse’s Plakat Betta


180 miles, 8 homes!

The 2016 crew at Dean’s fishroom (click for full view!)


150 miles, 10 homes!

Home Show 2015 Crew check out Carl Lawrence’s aquascape


300+ miles, 13+ homes!

Dylan Lee Kalei Downey: The unfortunate leap to cichlids...


Another 200 miles, another twelve homes!

Amit Bapat shows off the sump of his 80-gallon aquascape.


We drove 150 miles over the weekend of January 12th, saw twelve homes!

Steve Waldron’s winning aquascape from the 2012 Home Show


We drove 175 miles over the weekend of March 19th, saw twelve homes!

Home show ’11 crew in Renton


The 2011 show was produced yet again by Roy Slettevold! We drove 275 miles over the weekend of February 19th, saw ten houses, judged 26 tanks, and presented at the March meeting.

Home show ’10 crew in front of Mt. Si


The 2010 show was produced again by Roy Slettevold, and featured a whopping 14 houses, visited over the weekend of January 30th, and presented at the March meeting.

Home show ’09 crew having lunch at Paul’s


Our 2009 show was coordinated by Roy Slettevold the weekend of May 30, and presented at the June meeting.

Part of Bryan Nichols aquascape


The 2008 show was produced by Matt Staroscik. Folks took their own pictures in May, and and judging was held virtually.

Home show ’04 crew setting up a shot


The show was produced by Jeff Stewart and took place on March 24, 2004.

Mark Genzendaner’s Discus parents


During a blustery mid-February day, producer John Clemence and crew hit ten Seattle homes.
NEW! 30 minutes of VHS footage shot by Erik Olson.
Selected photos by Erik Olson:

Telescope eye goldfish


Producer was John Clemence. Here are a few selected photogaphs from May 1994 by Erik Olson -- though it’s kinda passe now, it was a big deal to have these digital on the web at the time!