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Greater Seattle Aquarium Society

E-Mail Forums

We have two e-mail forums, Airstone and Announce. These lists are a free service provided by the Greater Seattle Aquarium Society; you do not need to be a member to join these lists. If you do find the lists useful, we encourage your support by joining GSAS!


Airstone is our e-mail forum used for discussion amongst members. You subscribe to it, and messages are delivered to your e-mail inbox. It is a very active list, sometimes with dozens of posts a day.

If you aren’t fond of getting dozens of individual e-mails a day, you may subscribe to this list in a variety of alternative manners, including daily digests, or even e-mails with the pictures removed. Some people just use an alternate e-mail address just for reading airstone posts. Or you can opt to get no e-mails, and instead read the posts entirely online through the archive (RSS feed included!).

Possible topics might include a tank for sale, plant ID questions, breeding help, what days to find live brine shrimp at different stores, questions on speakers... basically a free-for-all.

You may post images and HTML, but there is a limit of about 1.5 megabytes per message.


Because Airstone can get very chatty, sometimes 30+ e-mails a day, you might just want to hear announcements, like what the next meeting will feature. Well, we’ve got a list just for you: GSAS-Announce!

This list is low traffic and contains no discussions. Announcements only.


Detritus (pronounced "dee-TRY-tuss") is our e-mail list for discussion of topics not appropriate for Airstone, that is, non-aqarium-related topics. Other guidelines (such as personal conduct and language) still apply. If you are annoyed by off-topic discussions, do not subscribe to this list!