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Greater Seattle Aquarium Society

E-Mail Forums

We have two e-mail forums, Airstone and Announce. These lists are a free service provided by the Greater Seattle Aquarium Society; you do not need to be a member to join these lists. If you do find the lists useful, we encourage your support by joining GSAS!


Airstone is our e-mail forum used for discussion amongst members. You subscribe to it, and messages are delivered to your e-mail inbox. It is a very active list, sometimes with dozens of posts a day.

If you aren’t fond of getting dozens of individual e-mails a day, you may subscribe to this list in a variety of alternative manners, including daily digests, or even e-mails with the pictures removed. Some people just use an alternate e-mail address just for reading airstone posts. Or you can opt to get no e-mails, and instead read the posts entirely online through the archive (RSS feed included!).

Possible topics might include a tank for sale, plant ID questions, breeding help, what days to find live brine shrimp at different stores, questions on speakers... basically a free-for-all.

You may post images and HTML, but there is a limit.


Because Airstone can get very chatty, sometimes 30+ e-mails a day, you might just want to hear announcements, like what the next meeting will feature. Well, we’ve got a list just for you: GSAS-Announce!

This list is low traffic and contains no discussions. Announcements only.


Detritus (pronounced "dee-TRY-tuss") is our e-mail list for discussion of topics not appropriate for Airstone, that is, non-aqarium-related topics. Other guidelines (such as personal conduct and language) still apply. If you are annoyed by off-topic discussions, do not subscribe to this list!

FAQ: Why Don’t You Guys Switch to a Forum?

This topic comes up about once every 6 months to a year, usually from folks who have just joined Airstone.

The short answer is that it works for us. Most of the participants on Airstone enjoy getting the e-mails delivered rather than having to remember to "check in" to a website once a day. We’ve seen so many clubs switch to forums and then have all participation drop off to a trickle.

Many people are also not aware of the high degree of work to moderate a forum, even an unpopular one, to keep it spam- and scam-free. Our list has had a total of maybe two robo-spams posted to it in over ten years.

Your IT/Web Geek has attempted to address some of the shortfalls of the e-mail system: we allow images and larger posts, the archive is searchable (though not so easily), and there are multiple methods of subscribing. In an ideal world, one should be able to have both a Web Forum and e-mail on the same data. But these are the limitations we have, and we just can’t please everyone.