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Greater Seattle Aquarium Society


Here you can find various ways in which to communicate with other GSAS members, the GSAS leadership, and even other local clubs:

e-mail forum
Our infamous e-mail list Airstone is where most GSAS members chat online. There’s a second e-mail list for just important announcements.
A list of all the board members and committee chairs. Wanna know who’s responsible for this mess? Look no further!
Other Clubs
There are a few other aquarium clubs in the Pacific Northwest. Some members even commute to their meetings.
GSAS Fan page and Hobbyist Group
Our new GSAS Instagram Page
Part of the GSAS community are the local stores who help us out by providing discounts and donations to keep us afloat. Please give them your business!
Member List
Sometimes GSAS members want to know if someone else is also a GSAS member. Here is an up-to-the-second list of active GSAS members!

Not seeing what you want here? Please read our Frequently Asked Questions.