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Greater Seattle Aquarium Society

Northwest Aquaria: Our Newsletter

GSAS publishes its bulletin Northwest Aquaria during our active months of September through June. All members get it delivered to their door or e-mail inbox.

Click on the image to read a sample issue of Northwest Aquaria. Member-accessible issues are higher resolution and in PDF format.

Northwest Aquaria, in color if you opt to receive it electronically, contains information on the next meeting, tons of photos of the latest events, plus informative articles written by society members, challenges such as Plant of the Month or What is this? Our newsletter is edited by longtime member Steev Ward, who injects not only information, but also a sense of community and humor into the monthly meeting reports. We’ve included a sample issue here for you to browse (though at low resolution). Click on the image to the left to start.

We offer to our members a comprehensive archive of the 40+ years of GSAS history, including most issues of Northwest Aquaria, and our newsletters. All articles are listed in an article index, cross-referenced with an author index. It’s available to GSAS members only, online right here.

In addition, we also have a small collection of original articles from selected past magazines (1995-2000) for your online viewing pleasure.