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Greater Seattle Aquarium Society

Nearby Aquarium Clubs

There are many aquarium societies throughout the US and the rest of the world. Here are some within driving distance of Seattle, listed in order of familiarity.

The Greater Portland Aquarium Society is a jaunt to the south. These guys have a large member base and a very functional Breeders Award Program. In the past, some of us liked to make the three hour trek to their meetings or their annual show and auction in the fall. They don’t have the annual show anymore, though. :(
Northwest Killies
Northwest Killies is a virtual aquarium society that meets in various locations throughout the Pacific Northwest (though they are mostly based around Portland). NWK has hosted several West Coast Weekends, and even an AKA Convention.
The Vancouver Aquatic Hobbyist Society (formerly the Vancouver Aquatic Hobbyist Club) are most known for their annual auction in the fall, for which some GSAS’ers make the trek across the Canadian border. They recently were incorporated as a society. We’ve shared a few big-name speakers with VAHS in the past couple years.
The Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club is based in the Portland Oregon / Vancouver Washington part of the United States. The purpose of the club is to promote, create and enlarge the hobby of keeping, breeding, appreciating, and exhibiting Koi and Goldfish.