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Greater Seattle Aquarium Society

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GSAS/Northwest Aquaria - Vol. 3 No. 3 June 1973

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Table Of Contents
page 5Authors (About the)
page 7Let Me Say This About That (President)Gustafson, Bob
page 11Killies: Spawning the Peat SpawnersMinugh, Scott
page 15The Guppy BitSnow, Willard
page 19DamselsGustafson, Bob and Carrol
page 23Cichlids of NatalLongacre, Wayne
page 27Hearty Beef DietsElliott, Rich and Diane
page 31Tricks for Spawning Angel FishSuffia, David
page 35Anger in Fish
page 38Breeder's Award ReportEschbach, Chuck

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