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Greater Seattle Aquarium Society

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GSAS/Northwest Aquaria - Vol. 10 No. 1 1987

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Table Of Contents
page 3From the PresidentsHess, Clay and Laurie
page 3Editor's NotesElliott, Diane
page 5Tributaries: The Greater Seattle Aquarium Society StoryElliott, Rich, Diane Elliott, Warren Holmen and Shirley Holmen
page 9Who Are We?Elliott, Rich
page 10Haplochromis in the Hospital: The Providence AquariumHess, Laurie
page 11Aquarium Plant CultureBlomquist, Robert
page 13Aaaahhh! There's a Moray Eel in My Septic Tank!Hart, Ric
page 14What Fish Is This? (Puzzle)
page 15The BatfishEschbach, Chuck
page 17Breeding Peacock Cichlids of Lake MalawiHess, Clay
page 18Watery Word SearchHaguewood, Carol Lee
page 19The Congo: A Rainbow of ColorsGulin, Darrell
page 20What's In a Name?Elliott, Diane
page 23A Substrate-Egglaying Bristleworm--Possibly Neeris sp.Sloat, David
page 25Steatocranus casuariusWard, Steve
page 27Helpful Hints for the HobbyistGSAS Membership
page 31Glass Baffles in the AquariumWard, Steve
page 33Killies: The Peat SpawnersMinugh, Scott
page 35It Came From...?Sloat, David
page 37The AponogetonsDwyer, Sharon

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