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Greater Seattle Aquarium Society

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GSAS/Northwest Aquaria - Volume 11 1989

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Table Of Contents
page 3From the PresidentSanford, Dave
page 3Editor's NotesElliott, Diane
page 5Results of a Greater Seattle Aquarium Society SurveyHess, Clay
page 8The Tiger Botia, B. hymenophysa (Bleeker) or B. helodes (Sauvage)?Udomritthiruj, Bo
page 9Experimental LearningSanford, Dave
page 10OverfeedingWard, Steve
page 12Discovering the Cayman Wall (Only in Our Dreams)Gorsline, Bill and Maxine
page 16Discoveries of a Dedicated "Discidiot"Tweedale, Dean
page 19Fish Farming in FloridaHess, Laurie
page 20Bass FactsElliott, Rich
page 21The Mini PondSanford, Dave
page 23Helpful Hints for the HobbyistGSAS Membership
page 27Angelfish and Discus DiseaseWard, Steve
page 29Heart TroubleHess, Clay
page 31An Aquarist's Key to the Identification of the Knifefishes of the Family NotopteridaeUdomritthiruj, Bo
page 34Caveat Emptor-- Hybrids in CichlasomaMiddleton, Joe
page 38HexamitidsWard, Steve
page 40The Trivia TankElliott, Diane
page 43Wondering about WrassesElliott, Diane

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