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Greater Seattle Aquarium Society

An Introduction to the GSAS Bowl Show

What is a bowl show?
A bowl show is a contest held during the normal monthly meetings that allows members to showcase their fish and have them judged against other members’ fish.
What criteria are the fish judged on?
There are five categories the fish will be critiqued on: size, color, rarity, health, and overall impression of your fish. There is a maximum of ten points for each category, and each fish will be judged by a team of three judges, giving a possible 150 points total per fish entered.
Define bowl!
The bowl is really just a tank or container that is no larger than 5.5 gallon, no more than 16 inches total length, and flat sided on the clear front panel. This is because curved surfaces cause distortion in viewing and make judging challenging!
GSAS now supplies the bowls! You just bring fish and water!
What do I need to bring?
  1. Your fish,
  2. towel(s) for any possible water spills,
  3. and your own water (at least three gallons; we use critter keepers to display fish).
What should I not bring?
Plants or any other decorations not allowed in the bowl while judging is going on. You may place decorations or plants in the bowl after judging has finished. The reason for this is that fish tend to hide behind or in them and make it impossible to view for judging. Please note that any plants or decorations left in the tank at the time of judging will disqualify your entry from being judged.

Last but not least, use common sense when entering larger fish, example a ten-inch Oscar in a five gallon tank isn’t going to work! And remember that we supply a critter keeper.

How many fish may I enter?
We will allow up to three entries per GSAS member; please note entry allotment is subject to change as more participants begin to enter and space is limited. Pairs are allowed as one entry assuming they are being shown in the same tank.
What do I do once I arrive?
Please see the bowl show chair, and fill out your entry form(s) for each bowl you are showing. Please arrive and have your décor removed from the tank and your fish ready to be judged no later than 7:10 P.M. as judging will take place at 7:15 P.M. at the latest.
What can I win?
The monthly first first place winner will receive our feature Fish of the Month. A yearly award will be granted to the member that has acquired the most points for the year and will receive their award at the yearly Christmas party in December. So even if you don’t win at the monthly meeting, if you are consistent on entries you may walk away with the yearly grand prize.

We hope this answers any questions you may have about the GSAS Bowl Show. Further questions and any suggestions are welcomed...please email us.