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How to Find Airstone Poster E-Mail

With the restrictive policy change rejecting mail purporting to originate from Yahoo, AOL and now Google, but being relayed through a mailing list such as ours, we have had to change airstone and our other mailing lists to rewrite the From to be our own e-mail address. As a result of this, it can be tough to find the address of some posters if you want to reply off-list.

Include your e-mail address in your posts
The easiest way for people to reply to you off-list is if you include your address in the post itself. This is recommended for any post that should be followed up off-list, such as for-sale items, meet-ups, etc.
Reply = On-List
It used to be that different variants of Reply went off-list or on-list (Reply-All, Reply-List, Reply-Sender, etc). This is no longer the case. If you hit reply, it goes on-list.
Paste the e-mail address
To reply off-list, you will need to copy and paste the poster’s e-mail address directly, either into a new e-mail, or a forward of the e-mail you are replying to. Some mail domains will be shown, but if the poster is from one of the 'problem' domains, their name will show up as "blah (via airstone Mailing List)", and the e-mail will be Hopefully this poster has included their e-mail somewhere in the body of the message. But if they haven’t, see the next section...
If a poster from GMail, Yahoo or AOL has not included their e-mail address, it can be found in the headers of the post, as the semi-standard header X-Original-From. Finding the raw headers can be a bit of a chore, and in some e-mail clients, impossible. The next section relays some mailer-specific instructions that various Airstone posters have written.

Finding the Poster’s E-mail address via X-Original-From header

In all the specific instructions below, you are looking for a line that starts with X-Original-From and contains the original poster’s e-mail address. Here is a typical set of headers:

Return-Path: <>
Received: from (localhost [])

 [... lots of lines deleted ...]

X-Scanned-By: MIMEDefang 2.74 on
From: "Dylan Downey via Airstone" <>
X-Original-From: Dylan Downey <>
Message-id: <airstone.46914@anonymous>
Subject: Re: [Airstone] How to get sender email address from: Outlook, Yahoo

  [... lots more lines deleted ...]

List-Unsubscribe: <>
  1. Open the message you wish to get email address from.
  2. Click FileProperties on that message, and a properties dialog should now appear.
  3. Look for the Internet headers edit box. It should be at the bottom of the dialog.
  4. Scroll the content in the edit box and look for X-Original-From:
-- Chad Oftedal
  1. Open the message in your Gmail inbox.
  2. Click the down-arrow in the top-right corner of the message.
  3. Click the Show Original link toward the bottom of the options box. The message will open in a separate window with the full message headers at the top.
-- Dylan Downey
  1. Go to the message that the user you are trying to contact posted.
  2. In New Mail view, click on the subject to open read pane. Click on ActionsFull Header.
    In Classic Mail view, click on the subject to open read pane. At the bottom click on Full Headers.
  3. Hit Ctrl+F to bring up a search box.
  4. Search for X-Original-From
  5. One of the highlighted responses would have the user’s email address immediately following it.
-- Dylan Downey
Under View, select Headers, then select All. The headers are now viewable on the full e-mail as well as the preview plane. (To view the sender in the preview plane simply scroll down in the header area to X-Original-From.) --Lorren Bell
Mac Mail
ViewMessageAll Headers -- Dana Rasmussen