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Greater Seattle Aquarium Society

GSAS Sponsor Store Program

The GSAS Sponsor Store Program was developed over thirty years ago to promote our local small business owners and their aquarium shops. There are certain criteria to become a GSAS Sponsor Store which include:

  1. Be a licensed business with the State of Washington and the county and/or city in which the business resides
  2. Have a physical facility that is open to the public with regular, posted business hours
  3. Offer a 5%-20% discount to GSAS members when they show their card when checking out
  4. Should be a full-line aquarium store with these items for sale:
    1. Fish – a nice variety of several species
    2. Tanks – one of more lines of tanks in various sizes
    3. Equipment and Supplies
      • lights
      • filters – sponge, HOB, canister
      • air pumps, tubing
      • heaters
      • foods (frozen and dry)
      • medications
      • substrate
      • hardscape (rocks, wood, etc.)
      • plants

Facilities are visited and an inspection is performed to ensure criteria are met. A Sponsor Store application is filled out after an inspection and submitted to the GSAS Board of Directors for approval.

Because of GSAS's above stated purpose of supporting local businesses, National chain (aka “Big Box”) stores are not eligible to become GSAS Sponsor Stores.