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Greater Seattle Aquarium Society

Albert So: Secret Diary of a Fish Addict: Fish Romance

Tuesday, February 9, 2016
Albert So shares anecdotes on spawning a bunch of different fish, with emphasis on Rams (side discussion on Paramecium culture), Fancy Kribs and Zebra Plecos. He also shows a few slides of his high-tech fishroom. Also included: Angelfish, Laser Cories, Discus, Betta macrostoma, Apistogramma diplotaenia, Nelamprologus brichardi, Weitzmanii tetra, Rainbow Tetra.

Subject Tags: Cichlids, Catfish, Anabantoids, Breeding, Food, Characins

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This talk is available on DVD from our club library, Volume 23.

This talk is also available in high-def Blu-Ray from our club library, Volume 2016.

Please remember that this presentation is a benefit to GSAS members only. Please do not to share it with others. Many of our speakers have expressed concern about their images or presentations getting out there on the Internet, and we are doing our best to show them that we can keep our word. It is because of your vigilance that speakers continue to allow us to tape, and make these talks available. Thanks.

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