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Greater Seattle Aquarium Society

2019 Home Show

Tuesday, April 9, 2019
Another year, another eleven houses! Showrunner Mike Ward; judges Bentley, Emily and Mark; photographer Steev, video Erik. participants: Roy, Keefe, Alyssa, Leslie, Esteban, Jake, Lacey, Sharon, Loren, Amos and Janessa, and Dave.

Subject Tags: Cichlids, Rainbowfish, Catfish, Livebearers, Plants, Killifish, Shrimp, Goldfish, Anabantoids, Plant Husbandry, Aquascaping, Home Show, Food

This talk is available on DVD from our club library, Volume 30.

This talk is also available in high-def Blu-Ray from our club library, Volume 2019.

Please feel free to share the link to this free presentation to friends, social media, etc. Spread the word about GSAS!

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