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Dr. Ted Coletti: Take It Outside: Tub Ponds

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Ted is a writer and speaker from Northwest New Jersey. An aquarist for nearly 40 years, Ted presents programs around North America and has written over 200 articles and 2 books for the hobby.

For the past 3 decades, Dr. Coletti has been the hobby’s “Evangelizer” for the summer tubbing of tropical fish and water plants. His go-to guide book on the subject, The Tub Pond Handbook, is now in its third edition.

Ted is also founder of the Tub Pond and Water Garden Study Group, the Aquarium Hobby Historical Society, and his home club, The Skylands Aquarium and Water Garden Group. All can be found on Facebook. The former Editor for the American Livebearer Association, Ted was the livebearer columnist for both FAMA and TFH magazines. His book Aquarium Care of Livebearing Fish, is published by TFH-Animal Planet.

Born and raised in New York City’s borough of The Bronx, Dr. Ted keeps a small fishroom and over 2 dozen container ponds at his home in the New Jersey Skylands, where he lives with his very patient wife amidst many guitars, plants, and wildlife.

Subject Tags: Plants, Breeding, Aquascaping

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